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From a few years I have blown out my 30 candles  and I have been managing my business as a photographer for luxury destination weddings for over a decade.

I love to travel, eat carbohydrates in the form mainly of pasta or spaghetti and I also like to travel and spending some time in the nature. In general I consider myself a person who always has something new to learn and over the years I have tried out that pushing limits in life and work makes us capable of great discoveries.

 I put all of my love for life in my work trying to create deep emotional connections with my clients so that they can really feel complicit in the creation of a unique photo shoot made by a person who is not afraid to fall in love with her subjects.

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My purpose in life is to transform  a lifestyle that deserves to be celebrated into SPECTACULAR images. Italy is one of the most ICONIC countries in Europe together with the south of France where I also love to work.
Over the years I have developed a photographic style with a refined and ARTISANAL flavor, naturally luminous. 

All this serves to create a bridge between the culture of my international clients and the overwhelming beauty of European architecture and lifestyle with a romantic and feminine view.

Like you, I love to TRAVEL, discover new places and experience incredible ADVENTURE



Carmela & Johannes

“ You are not simply the photographer of our wedding but you are capturing our once in a lifetime memories, besides being a great professional You are such a heartwarming person."

"We are incredibly grateful for having you by our side during such important day in our lives."

After more than a decade of activity in Wedding photography business in Italy, we are proud to affirm that we are among the few in Italy that offer a unique photographic style, characterized by the masterful use of digital and analogue hybrid technology, for an ICONIC, refined and timeless style. If you are looking for truly special photographs, which tell your one-of-a-kind event with poetry and refinement, you are in the right place!

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Fine Art

Italy wedding photographer

After a 5-year course at the Art School in Florence I continued my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts where I refined my painting skills combined with the study of the history of Art which has always been the cultural background to my artistic experiments.
I also attended a year of specialization in Cinema, Music and Theater in the halls of the old "Cinema Lumiere" in Pisa, an enchanted place where history seemed to have stopped.

In 2015, after I graduated, I decided that I would continue to experiment with photography: the choice of weddings at the beginning was almost a necessity because I wanted to work in Tuscany (a land that I love) but over time I realized that it was the sector where I really wanted specialize by combining my studies on art and culture with the needs of clients looking for a photo shoot that was a masterpiece of light and creativity, something unique tailored to reflect the extraordinary beauty of their event.

from 2015 specialized in Italian history and FINE art



Belle Arti

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I was born in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, honestly it was nice to grow up in the countryside of Tuscany , Italy. I have a sweet memory of my sunny summers, playing in the fields surrounded by my grandfather's farm animals. It was a childhood that filled my eyes and soul with beauty. As a teenager I have always shown a double attitude, I was a creative, passionate girl, nature and animals lover, so I chose a path of pictorial studies in the high school of my city that I attended choosing to specialize in Painting disciplines.

Once I finished high school I tried to indulge my desire for wild nature by attending a year of naturalistic sciences but soon the call of Art made itself felt and I enrolled for a year at the Cinema and Music Academy  of Pisa, we attended classes in an old Italian Baroque cinema, I said it all.

But then again the thought of completing my pictorial studies made itself felt and finally I completed my university career at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, an international reference point for Fine  Art studies.

From painting to       
a journey between Art and 


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